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We are a business applications development and services company.

Featured product:

TradeEngage, is a powerful structured product portfolio information and reporting tool.

On the management side, the platform allows full management access to create users, design and trade structured products.

The platform allows clients to easily run reports, conduct performance analysis and access historical data

TradeEngage allows for extensive customisation to integrate bespoke algorithms, business logic and corporate branding requirements

Convenient licensing options available.


We have very easy pricing and licensing terms. Please contact us to discuss your unique needs, and we can always customise our pricing terms to suit your business strategy.


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Product training

Maiona UK Ltd offers a broad range of customer support packages, from IT training, bespoke application development to extensive remote and on-site tech cover.

We offer to build bespoke applications and functionality, that are easy-to-use. We design our apps to fit in with your business strategy and to bring maximum workflow optimisation and efficiency. Our development teams are immensely experienced, with rapid turnaround times, and importantly, reasonable pricing models.

Cloud-based or Installed

Our products can be Cloud based or installed On-Premise. Our default cloud server is the ultra secure Microsoft Azure Cloud server.

Microsoft have long experience of running online services has involved extensive investment in foundational technology that builds security and privacy into the development process. They have developed industry-leading security measures and privacy policies and participated in international compliance programmes with independent verification of how they measure up.

Our clients